Selection Of NABL Laboratory

Dear Customer,


The General Manager/ Management Representative (M.R.)/ Manager (Q.A.)


Sir/ Madam,
We hope that you are carrying out Calibration activity for your valuable Instruments as per the need of your audit requirement.
The entire purpose of conducting this Calibration is as follows:

  • To know the Condition / Accuracy of your valuable instruments on which your product accuracy is dependent.

  • To satisfy the need of ISO/ TS/ ISO 14000 Certifications.

  • To decide the frequency for change of your instruments before it affects the quality.

  • When all such important aspects are related to the calibration, Have you ever considered the competency of laboratory where you get instruments calibrated.
    (Or just NABL Accrediated Laboratory is sufficient to perform this job of calibration).

    • Most important issue, have you decided the acceptance criteria of each instrument.

    • Does your NABL accrediated laboratory has suitable Uncertainty for calibration of your valued instruments. (Within 1:3 Ratio Or Better)i.e.

    • Uncertainty to Acceptance criteria of instruments.
      For example Vernier Caliper (0-300mm) as per I.S. Permissible Error/ Acceptance criteria is +-0.040mm, hence laboratory should have atleast
      uncertainty within +- 0.013-14mm.

      Please ensure that for your all Instruments whether they are calibrated by competent Laboratory as per Uncertainty required for your Instruments.
      Laboratory as per Uncertainty required for your Instruments.
      Please forward your valued enquiry / list of itms to be calibrated in current financial year.
      We will submit our QUOTATION with Indication of Acceptance Criteria for All types of Instruments.


      Yours faithfully
      For S.M.Engineers
      (Technical Manager)